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My Weekend Routine

I have been wanting to do more lifestyle posts on the blog so today I thought it would be perfect timing to share my Weekend Routine. I have shared some of my “tips” on my Instagram story before and you all gave me great feedback so I thought I would compile them all into a blog post in case your missed my Instagram stories.



I always take advantage of the weekends to get ahead on school work and blog content so I always write up a long to do list once I get done with classes on Friday or when I wake up on Saturday morning. This list will consist of everything from school work, what I need to work on for the blog, and any cleaning that needs to get done.


I always try to knock out all of the blog photos on Saturday and as much homework as I can. I find that getting the bulk of my work done on Saturday that way I have more time on Sunday to just relax. I will plan all my outfits that I need to shoot for the blog and have them ready to go for the photo shoot. Once I get back home I will upload all the photos, edit them and pick out which ones I want to post on Instagram and then organize all of the others ones for blog posts. I will also start getting all my assignments done for school.


Once all my work for the day is done I will typically curl up on the coach with my laptop, watch something on TV with my family and I try to get some more blog work done but I always find myself scrolling through Pinterest. I also like to use this time to work on any graphics for the blog or Instagram Stories for the upcoming week. I always like to leave the evening open to just relax.


I try to start Sunday with a slow start since I know the week ahead is going to be busy. I like to spend Sunday’s doing majority of my studying and getting my room cleaned and organized for the week.


One of the things I do every Sunday that really helps me stay organized is to go through all of my syllabi and fill everything for the week into my planner. This helps me to visualize everything going on in the week and prevents any surprise quizzes or papers from popping up during the week. I also like to do the bulk of my studying on Sundays as well.



Something else that really helps me is to plan out what I want to wear throughout the week. I normally write everything down in the “Notes” section in my phone and I will refer back to it during the week!


Once I finish everything that I wanted to get done I will spend some time reading or just having some me time. I like to pain my nails, catch up on my YouTube subscriptions and then I always make sure to get to bed early. Sunday is the start to each week so I always try to start it out being productive but also relaxing as much as I can.

Thank you so much for reading today! As always if you have any post requests please let me know!

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