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Sunday Snippet: Bible Journaling

Picture1Hello Everyone! Welcome back to another Sunday Snippet Blog post! I have received so many requests to do another Bible Journaling blog post and I thought it would be fun because I have thought of some more tips to share with you all!

My first tip is that there are no rules when it comes to journaling in your Bible and that is the best part! You can use paint, pens, markers, pencils, anything and do what ever you want! Do not be intimidated by all of the images on Pinterest of perfectly done entries because no one’s Bible is going to turn out perfect! That is the beauty of it!

My Second tip is a new favorite type of pen I found! The PaperMate flair pens are PERFECT for Bible Journaling because they don’t bleed through the pages plus they come in tons of different colors which makes it super fun! 44357

My last tip for today is to get creative with how you write out the words on your spread! One of my favorite things things to do is draw banners and write my words inside of banners! I am not artistic at all and when I first saw the banners I didn’t think I would be able to draw one for the life of me BUT they are so easy so I thought I would quickly share how I draw them! I found this image online and it breaks it down step by step! Hopefully this will help you!d03ef2_b03f0874c03e4f7aa7c709088f466fc1-mv2_d_1438_1990_s_2

I hope these tips help you! Remember to not get intimidated by all the crazy entries you see online! If you have any questions that I didn’t answer please let me know!

Thank you so much for reading! blue end

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling: All About Entries

Hello Everyone!

I am back with part two of my Bible Journaling blog post! Today I am going to be talking all about entries. If you are new to the blog and want to read part one you can check it out here! I have written out a couple of my tips for creating entries in my Bible but one of the amazing things about Bible Journaling is that there really aren’t any rules! I am just sharing some of the things I like to do!


  1. Date your entries! I love looking through my Bible and seeing the dates of my entries. It makes it so easy to see your progress and improvement when you add a date!
  2. Practice and use pencil when working in your Bible! When I first started Bible Journaling I practiced on a separate sheet of paper and then I moved into my Bible. I also recommend using a pencil before going in with paint, markets, and colored pencils. It is so much easier  to get my lettering on my page knowing that I can erase!
  3. When I first started I looked on Pinterest a lot to get inspiration for some of my entries! I also love looking at other peoples entries on Pinterest because so many people use so many different techniques and it is always fun to try something new!

I found this illustration online that I thought I would share. This image is from Illustrated Faith and I think it perfectly describes Bible Journaling!


Thank you so much for reading! I hope this blog post was helpful for you! If you have any questions please let me know! I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can! As always if you have any requests please let me know!

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Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling: The Materials

Ever since I announced that I was starting a blog, I got a TON of messages asking me to do a post on Bible Journaling! I have decided to create one but I am in no means an expert. The fun thing about Bible Journaling is there really are no rules and you can do to whatever you want!

Bible Jornal 1


Bible Journaling is so easy and there are no rules! You can do what ever you want! Here are some of my favorite supplies!

My Favorite Supplies:

  1.  Colored Pencils: I love using colored pencils in my Bible! I use these Prismacolor pencils but honestly Crayola works just the same!
  2.  Brush Tip Markers: I love lettering in my Bible! My favorite markers are these Faber-Castell Artists Pens! I have also seen people use this TomBow pen in their Bibles but I have not tried it yet.
  3.  Watercolors: I have seen so many beautiful Bible Journaling entries created with watercolor. I have not mastered it yet but I thought I would share! You can pretty much find watercolors anywhere!
  4.  Bible Mat: I definitely recommend putting something behind the page you are working on to prevent any damage to the pages in your Bible. I personally use this one from Illustrated Faith and I love it!


Thank you so much for reading! I will be posting a part 2 to this post next month so make sure you are subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss it!  I hope you enjoyed this blog post! As always if you have any blog post requests please leave a comment!

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