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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am super excited that the holidays are officially here! Today I am sharing a cute outfit that would be perfect for Thanksgiving or any events during November!! There are two types of people on Thanksgiving, the ones who get super dressed up and the others who stay pretty casual. This outfit is definitely on the more casual side though.



Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving! As always if you have any post requests for the holidays please let me know!

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Holiday Outfit Essentials 2017

Hello Everyone!

A couple weeks ago I reached out and asked you all what you wanted to see on the blog and I got so many requests to show my favorite new holiday releases! I gathered up some of my favorites this season and I found so many that are currently on sale! Every store is currently releasing new items and they are all so cute! I included lots of different pieces in this blog post so I hope you enjoy!


Navy Dress|Bell Sleeve Dress|Maroon Bell Sleeve Dress|Plaid T-Shirt Dress|Black Dress

Bow Sweater| Red Ruffle Top|Bell Sleeve Sweater|Peplum Sweater

Hat|Finger less Gloves|Suede Ankle Boots|Statement Necklace

Thank you so much for reading! As always let me know if you have any post requets!

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Fall Favorites

Hey Everyone!

It is officially fall and I could not be more excited about it! I have quickly determined what my most used items are this fall and thought I would share them all with you!

Collage1. Monogram Duck Boots: These were a Christmas gift last year but you can find similar ones here! I absolutely love these because everyone wears duck boots but the monogram helps make them more personalized! I live in a warmer climate so I haven’t been able to wear them much this year but I can’t wait to wear them more this winter!

2. Boot Cuffs: I got a adorable pair of boot cuffs from Monday Dress last year for Christmas but unfortunately they do not sell them anymore. These Marley Lilly ones are super similar though! I love boot cuffs because you still get the look of having super cute knee socks on with your boots without getting super hot with tons of layers!

3. I love gold jewelry in the fall and this Southern Girl Prep bracelet has been my go to! It is so simple but super cute! You can use code MOLLYPREPS15OFF for 15% off your order! If you use my code I will send you FREE stickers!

4. I love vests and this maroon one from J.Crew Factory has been my favorite this fall! I love the color but these vests are seriously the best! I love layering them for chiller days but they are also perfect for the warmer days as well!

5. I have had my eyes on these earrings for a while now and I finally got them from Target a couple weeks ago! I love them! I have them in black but they come in a couple different fun colors! They are a little bit out of my comfort zone but I have still loved wearing them!

I hope you enjoyed this post! As always if you have any post requests please let me know!

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Day in the Mountains

Hello Everyone!

I am super excited to share one of my favorite fall outfits with you! I got this jacket for my birthday last year and I have been loving it! I have worn it a lot this fall and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it in the winter as well! Today I wore it on a chilly day in the mountains and it was perfect! It is super warm and cute!


Similar Jacket (Different Color but similar style)| Similar Boots

Unfortunately everything I am wearing in this blog post is from last year or two years ago so you can not get the exact versions but I did my best to link similar ones!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! As always if you have any blog post requests please let me know!

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Falling for Fall + Blanket Scarf DIY

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited about this blog post because I am sharing one of my favorite fall outfits! And it is a collaboration with Rebecca from Tailored To Rebecca on Instagram! She MADE this scarf and has included instructions for all of you so you can create one of your own! Make sure you read the entire blog post to find the DIY Instructions! If you are not already following Rebecca I totally recommend it because she is so creative!! I always love seeing what she makes! You can find her Instagram here!

Outfit Details:


I paired this blanket scarf with a simple pair of Old Navy Skinny Jeans and a J.Crew white long sleeve shirt. I also wore a Mint Green J.Crew Vest and my monogram duck boots. These were a Christmas gift so I am not sure where they are from but here is a similar pair.

I like wearing my blanket scarves by folding them into a triangle shape and then wrapping it around my neck.

Here is an image I found online for how I like to tie my blanket scarves!


DIY Instructions: 

Post written by Rebecca Wallace from Tailored to Rebecca!

Hi everyone! I’m Rebecca from @tailoredtorebecca on Instagram! I’ve worked with Molly on a few projects over the last year and I am so excited to do this guest post on her blog!

My favorite fall trend this year is the blanket scarf! Like, you’re literally wearing a blanket, does it get any better than that?! One of the best things about blanket scarves is that are super easy to DIY! Today I’m going to walk you through step by step to make your own blanket scarf for under $10!
First you need to buy your fabric! My favorite fabric store is JoAnn fabrics, they seem to have the best selection in my area, but you can also try Hobby Lobby or a local fabric shop! If you’re not familiar with the layout of your fabric store, you can ask an associate to show you where they have plaid flannel!
So this is the only hard part, deciding which print to buy!! Haha! Once you decide on a color, take a look at the label on the end of the bolt, you will see a width measurement in inches, it will probably be around 40″-44″, mine was 41″.
Take that entire bolt of fabric up to the cutting table, and to get a square blanket scarf, you can just ask them to cut the same number of inches as the width, so I asked them to cut me 41″. If they don’t cut in inches, ask for 1-1/4 yards.
When you get home lay your fabric out flat, and grab a pair of sharp scissors. You will notice the edges of where your fabric was cut is probably not even with the lines of the plaid. Find a line in the plaid that goes all the way top to bottom on one side, and cut the extra fabric off right along that line. Repeat on all 4 sides.
Once all 4 sides are even, you can start fraying the edges! You can use a pin (or even an earring!) to start pulling a couple threads at a time away from the corner.
You will want to pull these at about a 45 degree angle, if you pull them straight out they can get tangled. Keep pulling 2-3 threads at a time until the frayed part is as long as you want it!
I made mine about 1/2″, if I went much longer than that it might start to tangle if I put it in the washing machine.


I like to style mine by folding it in half to form a giant triangle, then tying the two small ends behind my neck!
 If you make your own I’d love to see how you style it! Make sure to tag me @tailoredtorebecca!
Thank you so much to Rebecca for doing this guest post on my blog!! I am so excited about it and I hope all of you are too!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! As always if you have any requests please let me know!

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