More About Me!

Back in December I reached out to all of my Instagram followers to ask me questions for a blog post to get to know a little bit more about me and I had so many of you send me great questions! Thank you! I will answer as many as I can in this post but if you have any others let me know!


  1. What are your plans after high school? I am a current senior in high school and I am currently in the process of deciding where I am going to college next fall. I haven’t decided where I will be going in the fall but as soon as I do I will definitely let you guys know! I am planning on majoring in Elementary Education though and I am very excited for college!
  2. Any tips on starting a preppy/fashion Instagram and not being ashamed of it? When I started my Instagram no one who I know personally knew about it and I was terrified of them finding out. Over time I started to tell some of my close friends and family members about it and now there is a hand full of friends following along but that is it. I think that as I started to fall in love with blogging I started to get less “ashamed of it”. Honestly, if blogging is something you really want to do just start it! If your friends find out I guarantee you that they will be supportive of it and if they aren’t then they aren’t your real friends.
  3. Do a lot of people know about your blog? If, so what do they think about it? Like I mentioned earlier only a hand full of close family and friends know about it but at this point I am not hiding it as much as I used to. Everyone who knows about it is so supportive which is so nice! They love helping me out if I need it which I really appreciate! Having family and friends who supports what you want to do is so nice and it makes it so much more fun! But like I mentioned before some people might not be supper supportive. My biggest tip for this is to ignore it. I always look at my blog like this, some people love dance so they go to practices and have performances and no one really thinks anything of it. But when someone has a blog it can seem different, since it is! But my blog is my hobby just as someone who likes to dance has theirs. If anyone isn’t supportive just ignore it and know that you are doing something that makes you happy and you don’t need anyone’s approval for it.
  4. How do you keep coming up with original and creative content? This can be very hard at times because creators block is a real thing! What I like to do is plan ahead that way if one week I just do not know what I want to post on the blog I do not have to skip a post since one is already scheduled. I also love Pinterest! I use it all the time for outfit inspiration which definitely helps when I am trying to plan blog posts! I also keep a list in the notes section on my phone of ideas for when ever I am just not sure what to post!
  5. Why did you start blogging? I started my Instagram over a year ago (It honestly still feels like yesterday though!) because I really enjoyed taking photos of my outfits but did not want to post them on my personal social media because lets be honest, my friends don’t really care. I also was interested in trying out some brand rep opportunities and wanted those posts to be on a separate account so @MollyPreps was created! A couple months after creating the Instagram I started my blog because I just had so many post ideas that were more of blog content instead of Instagram content. I am so happy I decided to start it though because it has been so much fun and I have made such amazing friends from this experience!
  6. What do you wear to school on a regular day? This question was asked A LOT so I figured I should probably answer it! For me, it changes pretty much everyday since my schedule this year is not your traditional high school schedule. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I only have one class and then I come home for the rest of the day so I rarely get dressed up. I am typically in Jadelynn Brooke Bow Back Leggings and a cute T-Shirt but there are some days when I dress up. It all really depends on my mood. I can say that my outfits shared on my blog and Instagram are pretty accurate to what I wear in “real life”.
  7. Who is your style icon? I really love how Sarah (@sarahkjp) and Carly (@Carly) dress and their blogs are some of my favorites! Whenever I don’t know what to wear I just type in the season and then their name into my Pinterest and use them as inspiration! I also really love Abby’s (@Belleoftheball45) style! If you aren’t already following these three I definitely recommend it!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me in this post! I have never done a post like this before but it was very fun to write so if you would like to see more in the future let me know!

Thank you so much for reading today! As always if you have any post requests please let me know!

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