Starting Your Semester Strong

It is officially that time of year again! Second semester is starting for everyone and especially after a nice long break from school it can be so hard to get back into the swing of things! I have had a lot of readers contact me and ask me what my tips and tricks were for staying motivated during the second half of the school year so that is exactly what I am going to share today!


I reached out to all of you back in December asking you for questions for an upcoming Q&A post and I got a few questions about studying so I decided to put this post together to help you out and answer some of your questions! I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful but every student is different so do what ever works for you!

  • How do you stay motivated/inspired to study?
    • One way I stay motivated is to work a little each night but also give myself a break. I find that when I have something to look forward to when I am finished I get a lot more done than I normally would! Somethings that I like to do is let myself watch a couple YouTube videos or go through my social media. Another thing to keep yourself motivated is to plan something each week. For me I always look forward to watching Dancing with the Stars every Monday night, this is seriously so simple but I make sure to get all my work done before hand that way when 8 o’clock rolls around I can just relax while I watch the show. Obviously these are all really small things but they can help to keep yourself motivated.
  • Best study tips?
    • Some of my best study tips are to plan out your week on Sunday each week. This is something that doesn’t take much time out of your day but can be so helpful to prepare you for the week! I recommend going through all of you Syllabi and fill out assignments, papers, tests, anything that is going on in your week in your planner! This is so helpful for me because there are no surprises! It is much better to find out you have a test a couple days in advance rather than the night before!
    • Another piece of advice that I have for you is to work on your assignments a little each night. I always like to plan out my week so that my assignments are not just done on time but early just in case something where to happen. For example, if you have an essay due on Friday, write a paragraph each night leading up to the due date. Writing one paragraph doesn’t take very long to write either so you won’t have to worry about rushing. Plus if something comes up and you are unable to work on it one night you will not get behind!
    • My last piece of advice is to put your phone away while you are studying and working on homework! Your phone is the biggest distraction and when you just put it in your backpack and ignore it and you will be a lot more productive!
  • Finding time to study:
    • Sometimes it can be hard to balance everything you are doing and finding time to sit down and study can be rare but it is very necessary! I have found that when I schedule chunks of my day to just study I am so much more productive! I put my phone on silent and just get to work! My favorite times to study are during my lunch break (yes I know this can be hard if you want to socialize with friends but I have found it so helpful!) When I get my work done during the day I am much more motivated and I have a lot less to do in the evening! I try to finish all my other work directly after my last class before going home (I am currently taking classes at a local college instead of my high school) because there are a lot less distractions! If you are easily distracted when you work from home it is always helpful to go to your school’s campus, a coffee shop, or even the Library!

Thank you so much for reading today! I hope these tips help you! As always if you have any post requests please let me know!

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