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Lilly Curls Designs

On of my favorite Etsy shops turned one year old yesterday! I am so excited for Lilly Curls Designs! They have worked so hard and they have built such an amazing brand! I have had the honor of being one of their brand reps for almost nine months! It has been such an amazing experience! I wanted to share this brand with you all today! If you want to make a purchase you can use the code Molly2017 for 20% off! Make sure you check out their shop! They have everything from jewelry dishes to cute monogram shirts and even some super cute half zips! Those are definitely my favorite and on my wishlist for this fall! Here are some of the photos I have taken with some of my favorite Lilly Curls Designs Products!


This monogram long sleeve is one of my go to shirts in the cooler weather! I absolutely love it! (The banner in this photo is from My Pink and Green Garden!)


The Lilly hair ties and headbands are perfect for everything! I love them!

Make sure you check out their etsy shop! You will love everything!


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All About Stickers!

One of my favorite ways to decorate and spruce up my room, school supplies, planner, and even water bottles is to use fun stickers! Today I thought I would share some of my favorite types and brands with you today!


  • Vineyard Vines is probably my all time favorite company when it comes to clothing and their stickers are some of my favorite as well! They never cease to amaze me with the new creative designs every holiday and season! The easiest way to get Vineyard Vines stickers is by going into your local store because they give you free stickers with purchase but they also have some specialty stickers for sale!
  • Jadelynn Brooke‘s stickers are also super cute and great quality! They send a couple free stickers with every order but they also have lots of different designs on their website! You can use code MMHS17 for 15% off your orders!
  • Southern Girl Prep has some of my favorite stickers! I love adding them to folders and notebooks for school! They are great quality and all the designs are super cute! If you use code MOLLYPREPS15OFF you can get 15% off your entire order! If you use my code contact me and I will send you FREE Stickers! Two lucky people will receive a SGP koozie!
  • KJP stickers are super cute and great quality! Unfortantly you can not purchase them but they do come free with your purchases! All the designs are super cute!
  • Sweet Southern Monograms makes super cute monogram stickers! I monogram pretty much everything and these vinyl stickers have made it so much easier! I love them!

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Nashville Recap

Last week I went to Nashville with my Family to tour a college and we also did some sight seeing while we were there! We had so much fun and I took lots of photos so I thought it would be fun to do a little recap!

Day 1: We arrived in Nashville in the afternoon and checked into the hotel and then headed out to do some sight seeing! I had three things on my Nashville bucket list and they were to go to Draper James, take a picture in front of the Nashville painting, and go to Sprinkles! We were able to hit all three things on day 1! (It did help that they were all right next to each other!) After doing some sight seeing we grabbed some dinner at Bar Taco which was a super cute Mexican restaurant! Our waiter at dinner told us about a cute doughnut shop that was right down the road so after dinner we stopped and got a doughnut! It was an adorable little shop! We decided at the last minute to go drive by the college campus I was touring to just see it before my tour! After we wondered around for a little bit we headed back to the hotel for bed!

Day 2: We woke up early and got ready for my college tour. We spent most of the day on campus and had a nice visit! I do plan on doing more college related posts later on in the school year, once I know what I am doing next year! After my tour we went to a Vineyard Vines store and then we went to the American Girl store because my sister and I wanted to look at all the new stuff they have come out with since we were little! After shopping a little bit we went to downtown Nashville and we walked around a little bit and then we went to The Melting Pot for dinner! This was mine and my sister’s first time at The Melting Pot and we loved it! After dinner we headed back to the hotel and headed to bed!

Day 3: Today we only had a little time in Nashville before we headed out on our annual family camping trip. After we checked out of the hotel we drove to the Grand Old Opry and took some photos! After we got back in the car we decided to head to our campground!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you have any other blog post requests please let me know!

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1 Shirt 3 Ways

I have recently received so many requests for affordable and easy outfits! I posted a blog post last week with my tips for how to prep for less but today I wanted to share one of my current favorite shirts and how I style it!


This top is from Old Navy and I had to end up getting a kids size because my store was sold out of the adult sizes! If you see this top in your local Old Navy or online I definitely recommend getting it! I wore mine in Nashville and I loved how comfortable it was! The best part of this shirt is that it is under $20!

My favorite way to wear it is over one shoulder but you can also wear it off the shoulder and strapless! The ruffle on the top is definitely my favorite part of the shirt! In this post I am also wearing my favorite pair of white shorts that are also from Old Navy! I have loved this outfit this summer!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you would like to see more posts similar to this one please let me know! As always if you have any blog posts requests please let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Instagram Tips

Hello Everyone!

As promised I am back today with another social media related post! I get so many questions about my tips for Instagram so I decided to dedicate a whole post to it! I hope I answered all your questions but if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

flat lay

  • My biggest tip is to post good quality pictures! You don’t have to have a fancy camera or anything but just be aware of your lighting and double check your pictures to make sure nothing is blurry!
  • Be Creative and add your own flair to your photos!
  • Use hashtags! Hashtags are links that will bring people to your posts so it is important that you use some in order to grow your account!
  • Collaborations are a great way to grow your account. Try talking to some account owners similar to yours and see if they would be interested as well!
  •  Post frequently: I have found that when I post daily I see the most success on my Instagram. Posting daily is a lot of work so if you don’t have the time I would recommend every other day or maybe even just post every Saturday and Wednesday. Make a posting schedule that your followers know about so they will come back to your account to look at your new content!
  • Don’t spam: Try to stick to 1-3 posts a day and if you are posting more than once put at least a couple hours in between each post.
  • Utilize your Instagram story! It helps you engage with your followers and let your followers know when you have uploaded new content!

I hope these tips helped you! If you have any more questions please let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

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Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling: The Materials

Ever since I announced that I was starting a blog, I got a TON of messages asking me to do a post on Bible Journaling! I have decided to create one but I am in no means an expert. The fun thing about Bible Journaling is there really are no rules and you can do to whatever you want!

Bible Jornal 1


Bible Journaling is so easy and there are no rules! You can do what ever you want! Here are some of my favorite supplies!

My Favorite Supplies:

  1.  Colored Pencils: I love using colored pencils in my Bible! I use these Prismacolor pencils but honestly Crayola works just the same!
  2.  Brush Tip Markers: I love lettering in my Bible! My favorite markers are these Faber-Castell Artists Pens! I have also seen people use this TomBow pen in their Bibles but I have not tried it yet.
  3.  Watercolors: I have seen so many beautiful Bible Journaling entries created with watercolor. I have not mastered it yet but I thought I would share! You can pretty much find watercolors anywhere!
  4.  Bible Mat: I definitely recommend putting something behind the page you are working on to prevent any damage to the pages in your Bible. I personally use this one from Illustrated Faith and I love it!


Thank you so much for reading! I will be posting a part 2 to this post next month so make sure you are subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss it!  I hope you enjoyed this blog post! As always if you have any blog post requests please leave a comment!

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Southern Girl Prep Unboxing

I recently got my Southern Girl Prep box in the mail and I wanted to share it with you! I was sent a lot of duplicates so be on the look out for some amazing giveaways in the future!

Adult Crew Socks: The first thing I got in my box were these adorable socks! I can’t wait to wear them when it gets colder out! Each pack comes with two pairs! They also sell some super cute ankle socks! You can find them here!

Koozies: Southern Girl Prep koozies are some of my favorites! I was so excited to see that they added a couple extra koozies for me to share with all of you! If you use my code you will have a chance to win a free one!

Stickers: I love the SGP stickers! They are great quality and everyone who uses my code will receive some free ones!

Key Chain: This key chain is perfect for all backpacks, gym bags, or even lanyards! I don’t think SGP sells these as of now but be on the lookout because I may include this in a giveaway sometime soon!

Notepad: I can’t wait to start using this notepad to organize all my to do lists and blog post requests! I can’t find this on the website either. I think it is super cute and the paper quality is really nice so I hope they start selling it so that you guys can try them out!

Necklace: I received this necklace in a previous rep box and it is super pretty! I now have a second one so be on the look out for a giveaway on the blog soon!

Bracelet: This bracelet is perfect for any casual day! They are super cute and the material they are made out of are very durable! I also have two of these so be on the look out for lots of giveaways in the future!

Pearl Bracelet: This is probably my favorite SGP jewelry piece! I got this bracelet in January in a rep box and I wear it ALL the time! It is so durable and cute! I was sent another one which I was super excited about because I will get to give it to one of you!

Pom Pom: This pom pom is super cute and I am looking forward to taking some fun pictures with it during football season! Unfortunately, I can not find it on the SGP website so I can’t link it. I am honestly not sure if this is something they will start selling.

Tank Top: I was super excited when I saw this cute mint tank top in my box! It is super cute and very comfortable! I think I will be wearing this a lot this summer!

Warm Days and Sunny Rays shirt: I got this shirt in the pink color and I think it is super cute! I love pairing it with some cute denim shorts! I can’t wait to continue to wear this shirt!

Preppy Dixie Cup shirt: I wasn’t a huge fan of this shirt when I saw it online but it is SO Much cuter in person! I love the color and the the back is of course so so cute!!!

If you see anything in this blog post that you like you can use the code MOLLYPREPS15OFF for 15% off your order! If you use my code I will send you some free stickers! If you can’t decide what you want to get or you love getting mail look into the Southern Girl Prep Subscription box! These boxes are super cute and such a great deal!

Thank you so much for reading! As always if you have any blog posts requests please let me know!

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